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Brick Cleaning Walthamstow

Red Brick buildings make the UK more picturesque. But, the buildings with brickwork are pretty difficult to maintain. They require regular cleaning and pointing. In order to keep a brickwork building in the best of its condition, we need to understand the material which goes into the making of such buildings and how it comes into play with factors like weather and human activity. Brickwork cleaning projects require a time period to properly understand the nature of the building material and the bonding material i-e type of soil to lay the brickwork.

TW Brickworks is specialized in the field of brickwork cleaning. The team of professionals at TW Brickworks is specialists in this field. They read and understand the details of a building to perform cleaning or any other operation. Brick Cleaning is done effectively after the assessment period is over, proper observations are made, and homework is done. Throughout the project, our specialists are vigilant and cautious, so as not to compromise the beauty or safety of building in any way.

To ensure the success and effectiveness of any project, trials are run as part of pre-cleaning assessments. These trials help the specialists to devise the appropriate cleaning plan. With this assessment and trials they avoid getting into unrequited cleaning and ineffective cleaning processes for a specific material.

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Pebbledash Removal Walthamstow

Many buildings which were built in times of war have pebbledash as their construction feature. In the times of war, pebbledash was the quickest and sturdiest way to cover up walls. Pebbledash is acquired by layering a wall with a mortar of sand and cement, and simply throwing pebbles on it. It is built pretty quickly by slap-dashing walls.

However, post war, pebbledash buildings have become undesirable, as many people don’t find them aesthetically appealing. They look hideous, outdated, and are difficult to paint. Also, once pebbles drop off from the mortar, they leave behind holes in the walls. These holes make the construction appear unpleasing, and also allow water to seep in and cause damp in buildings. Fixing these holes adds to the maintenance cost as well. Therefore, there is an increased demand of pebbledash removal from buildings.

However, removing pebbledash from any building is a tricky business because of having to deal with two types of masonry- cement and pebbles. TW Bricks Cleaning offers the services of effective pebbledash removal in a specialized manner. The team of specialists, at TW Brick Cleaning, is expert in removing this feature from constructions, without causing any damage to the safety and security of the building.

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Paint Removal Walthamstow

Paint removal might sound quite an easy task, but it is not. Removing paint from buildings can cause serious damages to the environment, it can be costly, and it might cause damage to the surface from which is being removed. Hence, paint removal requires significant care and expertise.

TW Brick Cleaning can remove paint from buildings while leaving a minimal environmental impact. With the materials being used by TW Brick Cleaning, you can stop worrying about the hazards of using paint stripping chemicals. We genuinely value environment and taking care of our planet. The paint removal services do not only aim at getting the job done and finishing a project- but, we believe in doing a job while taking care of Health and Safety. We also deal in lead paint removal and disposal.

If you are looking for a company which can help you strip paint from tricky metals, wood or other delicate surfaces, get services of our team of professionals. With the help of latest cutting edge technology, TW Brick Cleaning can perform paint removal and surface preparation division in the most efficient manner. The process of soda blasting involves various applications of non-abrasive and non-destructive materials. This offers phenomenal advantages and lesser side effects over traditional paint stripping chemicals or abrasion procedures. The soda blasting process uses ecologically neutral materials which ensure the safety of substrate material.

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Pointing and Repointing Walthamstow

Brickwork can make any building more aesthetically appealing. But, the real challenge of having the brickwork lies in the fact that it has to be maintained on a regular basis. When it comes to brickwork buildings in the UK, it becomes all the more important to have the masonry repointing maintained on a more regular basis. The weather and climatic conditions are such that the joints of masonry construction get weakened due to prolonged exposure in rain, snowfall, wind and temperature fluctuations.  Therefore, renewing the pointing i-e fixing the outer side of mortar joints  becomes inevitable lest it pose safety hazards to the surroundings. one small crack in masonry construction can cause it to spread to the whole building over time because of weathering and decay. This can further cause voids in the joints between masonry units or bricks. Water can penetrate through these voids, perform salt dissolution and deposition, freeze and thaw, and much more. This can become the basis for major damages to the building or construction. Repointing, also known as pointing, is a process of fixing such cracks which pose major safety threat to the building. Read more

Our Client’s Reviews on GOOGLE

My Victorian terrace had fantastic re-pointing and brick cleaning from TW Brick Cleaning London. They supplied an exact time estimate for the task, showed up on time every day, and did a fantastic job cleaning up and getting all of the trash taken away. They were a pleasure to work with, and I would suggest them to anyone who requires comparable services.


Several potential contractors expressed doubts about their ability to successfully remove the paint from the front of our property. TW Brick Cleaning London was confident in their ability to achieve a high-quality solution, so they invited us to inspect a house they were currently working on. Overall, they did an excellent job, and I would gladly recommend them.


TW Brick Cleaning did a great job on my house frontage. They arrived on time, protected windows and door and got on with the job. The end result was amazing. One of the workers did arrive late on a couple of occasions, but he made up the time by working later into the evening. All in all a great job and I would highly recommend this company. Five Stars Obviously


On the flank wall of my end-of-terrace property, TW Brick Cleaning London completed a repointing and restoration service. The job was completed on schedule and under budget, and the workers treated me and my neighbours with respect. Overall, amazing work.


“Tony and team did a fantastic job cleaning the bricks of our Victorian house and repointing. We are extremely happy with the results. In addition, Tony was quick to respond and turned the work around on a very tight timetable for us. He and the team were very professional throughout. Highly recommend.”

Nicola Robert

What a fantastic, professional buisness with highly professional trained staff. Punctual and polite and any queries I had I could always telephone and get a response. Will definitely be using and referring this company again

Clara Watson

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