Pebbledash Removal London


During the early 20th Century after the war, pebbledash rendering gained huge popularity. It was loved by some for its robustness and the fact that it was one of the cheapest rendering processesafter the war. Pebbledash rendering is a decorative exterior masonry coating applied to the original brick or stonework. Its primary use on buildings was to retain wall insulation, cover up sub-standard brickwork and to give a decorative finish as part or full cover to a building. Smooth pebbles are “dashed” onto the coat of render, stucco or cement, sticking to the wet rendered surface to provide a stippled effect.

Trends have changed and moved on, and now pebbledash is looked at as a negative to a property’s aesthetics and value, asmost new owners will want it removed immediately. Pebble dashing is not as popular as it used to be, however pebbledash removal is now a growing trade.

As an owner of a pebble dashed property there is often an apprehension of how to remove the dated and now patchy pebbledash and what will be revealed after removal. There are concerns as to the state of the brickwork exposed and the cost associated with it. The pebbledash removal process should be undertaken by experienced professionals that are knowledgeable in this field as to not cause further damage to the underlying brickwork.

Our Pebbledash Removal Method

TW Brick Cleaning London has removed, pebbledash on many homes in and around London for numerous years. Our initial step is to carefully remove the pebbledash from the brick with manual tools. This process must be done slowly and cautiously to avoid damage to the brickwork.

Once the pebbledash has been removed, the brick restoration process will begin. TW Brick Cleaning London will always allow for a number of bricks to be repaired or replaced with every pebbledash removal quotation. We will replace bricks with the same or similar style to the original to keep the same look throughout.

Repointing will then be required to replace the crumbling or damaged mortar around the bricks. Brick Cleaning London will always colour match mortar to keep the buildings authenticity. In some cases brick cleaning may be necessary but not essential. A specialist sealant will then be applied to protect and preserve the newly unravelled brickwork.

Watch our videos below to see our pebbledash removal processes and end results.

Call TW Brick Cleaning London for any pebbledash removal or pebbledash rendering concerns, we will be happy to advise or provide a free no obligation quotation.