Brick Cleaning 

TW Brick Cleaning London has been brick cleaning London’s historic structures for many years.Brick and stone buildings suffer constant assault by the environment every day. Pollution from traffic or other airborne sources stain the structure, as well as eroding its facade. Furthermore, severe weather causes both structural and aesthetic damage, which is aided by neglect and natural growths like moss and weed creepers.

The constant onslaught of natural and manmade damage will require different solutions depending on the type of brick or stone and the type of pointing method originally used. This is where it is necessary to seek professional advice and help.

Our Brick Cleaning Method

TW Brick Cleaning London have tried and tested several methods of brick cleaning, which over many years we have developed and mastered what we believe is the most effective. Structures are built during different eras and with different materials and techniques so it is essential to understand what brick cleaning method is required for what era of property and thetype of materials used.

TW Brick Cleaning London will always use a test area to make an informed assessment on what is required to complete the job to a high standard and without causing further damage. This also demonstrates to the client what the end result will look like.

We use a labour intensive method to begin with using detergents, a pressure washer and/or wired bristle brushes. This is a manual process that takes experience and expertise to administer effectively.In any brick cleaning project, areas that will not need to be cleaned, like architectural features, windows and doors, will be protected with plastic sheeting. We will embark on the best process for the property based on our assessment and the results of brick cleaning test wall.

Mild detergents and a pressure washer will be used to clean the brick front. The brickwork and pointing condition will determine the power of the pressure washerused, also the period of the property and test wall results are also a consideration. Some brick repair or brick restoration work may be required, which is often spotted by us early and included in our quotation.

Once all areas are cleaned and of an even tone, the brickwork is then left to dry. A specialist sealant will be applied to all brickwork and pointing to protect and preserve the new look for years to come.

Watch our videos below to see us in action at a recent London brick cleaning project.

Call TW Brick Cleaning London for any brickrestoration concerns, we will be happy to advise or provide a free no obligation quotation