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Pointing Repair Walthamstow

The biggest downside of brickwork is that it is difficult to maintain. The brickwork buildings in the UK require frequent maintenance because of the weathering due to climatic conditions. Soft lime and sand mortar used in brickwork may absorb water due to high porosity, deposit salt in the cracks and provide basis for further weathering, causing more wear and tear.

The wear and tear in brickwork looks unpleasing to eyes. Other than aesthetically unattractive, it poses danger to the residents of that building and surrounding as well- because of the weak structure. Moreover, the cracks and holes in brickwork allow water to seep in and cause damp in the building. Therefore, it is critically important to maintain brickwork structure on a regular basis so that it does not become dangerous for the surroundings.

At TW brickwork, we have been offering our professional repointing services to Walthamstow residents for the past many years. With TW Brickwork, your brickwork repointing is done with the utmost caution and perfection. Delayed repointing can lead to massive damages to the building and surroundings. From chimneys to garden walls and even whole properties, we are here to take care of your brickwork with the same level of care and expertise. At TW Brickwork, our professional and trained team of specialists provide the best of brickwork services. It is because of our skills and conservation knowledge to undertake repointing work on any type of masonry, that we come highly recommended in the vicinity.

Whether your property is an old building with a long  history, or it is newly built- we can repoint the brickwork to its perfection.

TW Brickwork repointing offers a wide range of benefits:

Repointing is the most reliable and effective way to maintain a brickwork building. The only way to keep a building’s physical and functional condition intact is through quality repointing. At TW Brickwork, we start with scrape off the old mortar in initial phase. This becomes the clean canvas for carrying out pointing all over. For the past ** years, TW Brickwork has carried out repointing in Walthomstow for many projects, new buildings as well as historically old buildings. All of our repointing work is carried out by experts and trained professional so as to ensure the highest standard of finishing.

With TW Brickwork repointing Walthamstow, we offer the following benefits:

  • Keep the physical appearance of a building intact
  • Ensure that the brickwork walls are weatherproofed
  • Fix any existing cracks or holes in brickwork
  • Help you maintain, and even increase the value of your property

For more information on our repointing services, or to get an expert opinion about your property’s repointing, set up a meeting with our representative today. Our team of experts are always happy to help and assist you with your repointing needs.

Our Client’s Reviews on GOOGLE

My Victorian terrace had fantastic re-pointing and brick cleaning from TW Brick Cleaning London. They supplied an exact time estimate for the task, showed up on time every day, and did a fantastic job cleaning up and getting all of the trash taken away. They were a pleasure to work with, and I would suggest them to anyone who requires comparable services.


Several potential contractors expressed doubts about their ability to successfully remove the paint from the front of our property. TW Brick Cleaning London was confident in their ability to achieve a high-quality solution, so they invited us to inspect a house they were currently working on. Overall, they did an excellent job, and I would gladly recommend them.


TW Brick Cleaning did a great job on my house frontage. They arrived on time, protected windows and door and got on with the job. The end result was amazing. One of the workers did arrive late on a couple of occasions, but he made up the time by working later into the evening. All in all a great job and I would highly recommend this company. Five Stars Obviously


On the flank wall of my end-of-terrace property, TW Brick Cleaning London completed a repointing and restoration service. The job was completed on schedule and under budget, and the workers treated me and my neighbours with respect. Overall, amazing work.


“Tony and team did a fantastic job cleaning the bricks of our Victorian house and repointing. We are extremely happy with the results. In addition, Tony was quick to respond and turned the work around on a very tight timetable for us. He and the team were very professional throughout. Highly recommend.”

Nicola Robert

What a fantastic, professional buisness with highly professional trained staff. Punctual and polite and any queries I had I could always telephone and get a response. Will definitely be using and referring this company again

Clara Watson

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