Paint Removals London


Lots of us have made the mistake of painting over the best feature of our properties, the brickwork. Or you may have purchased a property that was painted by its previous owners.

Some believe painting their brickwork would protect the masonry from the constant weathering and preserve the bricks. This is complete falsification! Paint is definitely harder to keep clean so maintenance increases to a high level, plus moisture seeps through the hairline fissures in the paintwork and sits behind. Bricks expel moisture naturally if not covered and left breathe. Covering them with paint causes a number of problems including internal damp and brick delamination.

Paint Removal from brick method
At TW Brick Cleaning London we use a combination of methods to remove the paint from your masonry without damaging the bricks. They include low power pressure washer,paint stripping solution and manual tools. Paint removal is a job for the professionals that have the experience and knowhow to not cause further damage.

Bringing your bricks back to life

The wonderful thing about bricks is that they are a durable, long lasting material that if maintained can always look as they did the day they were laid. TW Brick Cleaning London will remove all traces of paint from the bricks and mortar and any grooves the paint may have travelled to. If done by brickwork specialists or by someone who knows what they are doing, your brickswill look brand new.

Now the paint removal from brick has been completed, natural brick will require far less maintenance than painted brickwork. TW Brick Cleaning London will seal all brickwork and masonry with a specialist sealant to protect and preserve the finish. It will probably be over 20 years before your bricks will need cleaning again.

Watch our short videos below to see our brickwork specialists in action at a recent Paint Removal from brick project in London.